Kitchen Tools for Vegans Who Love to Cook!

We came up with the idea of writing about kitchen tools for vegans when I realized that preparing healthy, tasty vegan meals requires a set of tools that not everybody has in a typical kitchen. As you start preparing more whole-food, plant-based (and sometimes even raw!) meals, you’ll see how these tools are not gadgets but really helpful companions on your vegan journey.

Exciting news: Smart Plants has officially hit bookstore shelves nationwide!  The new year is upon us, and with it comes an ideal time set new goals and resolutions to promote self-improvement and personal growth. But how well you pursue your goals – truly any goal – roots back to one key element: the strength of your brain. Want to […]

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These nootropics not only support brain health and brain wellness, they can actually improve your mental performance and basic brain operations – they improve the way you think.

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Pink frosted cupcakes. Bright green smoothies. Bubbly blue cocktails. Who doesn’t love the lure of vividly-colored foods? Using colors to enhance the visual appeal of our foods is nothing new, but that’s not to say all of our modern applications have been exactly what you’d call a smooth process. Though natural, plant-based dyes have been […]

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